From Prime Numbers to the VincS Theorem


What are prime numbers and how they affect our daily life

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The demonstration  (in .pdf format) 


A special thanks to RUDIMATHEMATICI, whom had the courage to publish online the first demonstration of the VincS Theorem (sorry but the original one is only in italian language). For those not familiar, RUDIMATHEMATICI is the site of the three guys in charge of the mathematic blog in the online version of LE SCIENZE (Italian edition of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN).

Thanks to Arnold Reinhold for his Java applet that had inspired me in completely rebuid a BigInteger calculator (now named VincSCalculator) that you can download from the home page of this site. By this tool you can perform some test about my theory (you can find some explanations and samples here). It lets you perform also many of the calculations used in public key cryptography. It should work on most modern browsers on computers that support Java (that actually does not include Apple's iOS but please verify now newest version). For the original version visit this page and give honour to A.Reinhold. In both pages your browser may ask permission to perform Java code. I have downloaded and performed thousands times without problem but you should anyway check, in the page, the license and the usual warranty of such kind of freeware.


About NOT me

I'm NOT a mathematician but a simple fan of prime numbers theory. As you can see, I'm NOT a Web Designer but a self-taught beginner in the creation of web sites for my personal use.